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Empty houses lack vision, warmth, and emotion.  We will create a welcoming and cozy space that will allow potential buyers to see themselves living in the home.  Using color, pattern, balance, and design we will transform your property into a magazine-worthy showstopper.  We will bring in a full set of furniture, art, décor, and accessories that will transform an empty house into an inviting home that will emotionally connect with the largest possible pool of potential buyers.  

From a starter home to a million-dollar estate, an industrial loft to a simple boho retreat or something in between, we understand that each property is different and each buyer profile is unique.  We have the knowledge and experience to create the perfect union of style and design in order to maximize your profits.  Rest assured that we will create spaces that will leave your potential buyers fighting over the keys!

– On-Site Visit + Evaluation
– Custom Designed Staging Plan
– Quick Install + Inventory Removal Timeline
– 1-Day Install + Same Day Photography

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Our Standard Package Includes:

  • Living Room
    • Area Rug, Sofa, End Tables, Lamps, Coffee Table, Artwork, Faux TV, Decor + Accessories
    • Potential Additions Depending on Space : Accent Chairs, Side Tables, Console, Poufs
  • Dining Room
    • Area Rug, Dining Table, Dining Chairs, Artwork, Decor + Accessories
  • Kitchen
    • All Decor + Accessories, Bar Stools + Setting, if applicable
  • Primary
    • Area Rug, Bed Set Up, End Tables, Lamps, Artwork, Decor + Accessories
  • Bathrooms
    • Towels, Shower Curtain ( if applicable ), Decor + Accessories

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